ATTENTION STAR WARRIORS! Battle Emojis Across the Galaxy in this Retro Arcade Space Shooter! ^__^

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Vibrant colors meet fast-paced gameplay in Emojis in Space, a new-age retro space shooter that brings the emojis to life!

The evil Boss Kitty and his emoji minions have taken control of the galaxy. It's up to you and Clyde Panther to fight through countless waves of whacked-out emojis to reach the epic final battle!

Through your many journeys across the limitless expanse of space, you will fight the weirdest emojis ever seen, each with their own skills and deadly surprises! X__x

As you bolster your defenses and upgrade to powerful new lasers, the crazy emoji horde will bend to your will as even the strongest foes fall before you.

But are you any match for the indomitable Boss Kitty? The hopes and dreams of the entire galaxy lie with you :)


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