The Whole World Is On Pins and Needles!

Pins and Needles: a casual spinning circle game! Two fun puzzle games in one - play pins or needles. 

How to play "Pins": Drop pins on a rotating wheel so they don't touch each other. Sounds easy? The wheel will change speed, turn in slow motion, even reverse when you least expect it.

Still sounds easy? Try playing "Needles". Drop balls to land on top of existing needles on a rotating wheel. Some levels are simple but they do get harder as you advance forward. 

Simple, minimalistic, yet very much fun game. Why not try it today? It's Free.

Pins and Needles: a casual spinning circle game


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Fun and addicting! 

Can't stop playing this game. Great time killer and requires some thinking. The easy puzzles are the perfect difficulty to anyone just starting this type of game. (Not too easy, not too hard) The number of levels for a free game is AWESOME. Side note: I would love to see more themes!
really like 

When I started to play it was a bit difficult, but five minutes later everything changed. At first I laughed at own mistakes)))
Good game one problem 

Its a good games just a few bugs but one thing i hate is the ads pop up mid game thats messed me up allot i tap to place a pin then boom in the middle of me tapping an ad pops up an im sent to the app store an then well ... I tell u about it

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