Ball vs Bomb Exclusive game launched on iTunes

Ball vs Bomb is an arcade game that has been designed to keep the player occupied for long hours. Player will see Green Balls and Orange Bombs bouncing on two sides of a plain surface which has a slider in the center. 

All one has to do is to segregate the balls and the bombs and bounce off the Green Balls to the green side and the Orange Bombs to the orange side of the screen which are divided by the slider.

The game’s difficulty level increases as the player progresses to higher levels as the balls and bombs will multiply in number and the speed at which they bounce also increases fractionally at each level. The real challenge at every level is to segregate the unruly Balls and Bombs within the stipulated time to earn maximum stars! 

Key Features
◉ Quick thinking and careful manoeuvre required for segregating the Balls and Bombs
◉ Mischievous Green Balls & angry Orange Bombs bring good cheer when the player wins
◉ Time bound game
◉ 18 levels of gameplay


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