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2048 Puzzle game with pretty gils of Vincennes

Princess Evangile 2048

The pretty gils in school look costume!
You can meet girls who met at visual novel in 2048 Puzzle.
Enjoy minigame easily without having to worry about capacity!

2048 Puzzle game with pretty gils of Vincennes

 2048 Puzzle game with pretty gils of Vincennes
Game Instructions
- 2048 Puzzle+PRINCESS EVANGILE! 2048 Puzzle game with pretty gils of Mission School
- The pretty gils in school look costume! You can meet girls who met at visual novel in 2048 Puzzle.
- Enjoy minigame easily without having to worry about capacity!
- Pretty girl's illustration of Mission School each time higher the block number.
- Came pretty girl emotional from Japan.
- Recommend for the weak user of simple play Puzzle
- Listen to the voice of the cute girls! Support original character voice!
- Show pretty girls illustration avoid R18
- No stamina system. Enjoy puzzle game anytime anywhere freely anywhere.
- Evangile 2048, you can enjoy even in airplane.

- Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two equal tiles collide, they merge to form a tile of double the value.
- Collect coins and jewels, Change illustrations and themes
- Collect all four themes and 39 kinds of illustrations
- Please give us feedback in comments, we will make it the best Evangile 2048!
- Start fun on 2048 puzzle! Please enjoy puzzle games anytime anywhere freely anywhere.

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NamePlaceAnimalThing by Blits Global Technologies Pvt Ltd

Download about this game before? Does it ring some bells ? Yes, this is one of your favourite games when you were small and loved playing with your friends and family. A very interesting game that tests your mind and skills , and improves your ability to think and be creative, at the same time, helps you learn a lot of new words.

This game is purely a multiplayer game and a very simple and easy to use interface. You need to login to play the game, if you want to get all goodies like power ups, synchronizing your scores across game center, and sharing your scores with your friends and family and invite more people to play the game with you.

The following features have been provided for you to play this MULTIPLAYER iOS game, hope you love it!
- Login using Facebook/ Game Center. (Sync your progress)
- Play the game directly.
- Ability to create a game room for players to join or you can also join game rooms that currently active.
- Game rooms created without any players or inactive will be available to join in within only 5 minutes of creating the game room.
- Users can join only one game room at a time, as this is a game with timer.
- Minimum 2 players are required to start the game with each other.
- Maximum of 4 players are allowed within a game room.
- The first player has to choose an alphabet to start with , which is shown in the game. Thereafter all turns go sequentially after the selected alphabets till all alphabets have been used.
- Each player gets a maximum of 40 seconds to write down a NAME,PLACE,ANIMAL,THING.
- Each correct NAME or PLACE or ANIMAL or THING for a player turn gives 10 points.
- For each player with same NAME or PLACE or ANIMAL or THING, the points are divided by the number of players having the same answer. For example, if 2 players have same name, then point is divided by 2, if 3 players then divided by 3 and so on.
- 5 points will be subtracted for every wrong NAME or PLACE or ANIMAL or THING.
- For all correct answers in NAME,PLACE,ANIMAL & THING additional 10 points are awarded per alphabet.
- Users finishing all the alphabet rounds for a game get an additional bonus for that round either as points or coins.

Power ups
AddTime- Adds 10 seconds extra for a player to play his turn while others dont get this. Multiple players can use this power at the same time.
ReduceTime- Reduces the time of any opponent player by 1 seconds.
Auto Show Words - Shows one word for either NAME,PLACE,ANIMAL or THING for that round in the game.

In-App purchases. 
- Users are given 200 free coins initially for which they can make purchases.
- Different goodies can be bought using coins which will be made available in the game.
- Users can make purchases using Apple In-App purchases to buy coins which can be used for goodies later in the game.
- User are allowed a maximum of 7 GAMES in a day . After 7 GAMES they need to purchase a recharge pack which allows him to play additional games as per the pricing plan defined in the game.

Referral Bonus: 
Users inviting or referring other users get referral bonus of 50 coins for every invite up-to a maximum of 1000 coins only on Successful SIGNUPS.




 HexadotsHexadots is a totally new and addictive variation on the color matching game. Move 4 dots of the same color into a line to make them disappear. Sounds easy, right? But unlike other games, new dots appear after every move you make! Eliminate the dots in the fewest moves possible before the new dots block your path to the colors you need...

- Unlock additional levels as you progress
- Win coins as you play, or buy more via in-app purchase
- Use coins to buy bonus packs or gain powerups!
- TARGET a single dot for destruction
- CHANGE the color of a single dot
- SWITCH the colors of two adjacent dots
- BOMB to destroy all dots surrounding a center dot

shoot & sell video clips from your iPhone


Shoot and sell video clips directly from your iPhone! or get notified about requests from brands and businesses, then go out and capture a short video on your iPhone. Set your own price, then get paid whenever your video clips are licensed. SpyHop iPhone is your platform for selling all your creative footage.

It’s Fun, Simple and Easy. Join now!

Any feedback? Contact us at

* Video recording capability is supported only on iPhone 6x, 6s+ and SE. iPhone 7 and 7+ support is under development.


BitcoinBandit Android Latest Game

Download Bandit the rabbit in his crazy race to wealth in this first episode of the adventures of Bandit the King Rabbit. Help Bandit to catch a lot of Bitcoins, become the King of the Tournament and earn Bitcoins as well.

The Game

Propel Bandit the rabbit on his jetpack and help him gather coins. Avoid the enemies and obstacles in order to clear the levels. Pass all the levels and collect a maximum number of coins. BitcoinBandit is an addictive game requiring dexterity and a risk-taking spirit.

How To Earn Bitcoins

Two modes are available for the player - a tournament mode and a training mode.
The tournament mode enables the player to earn Bitcoins every 30 minutes. The tournament takes place from Friday to Friday. At the end of each tournament, the player gets his earnings on his Bitcoin account. The highest-ranked players will be awarded extra earnings.
A training mode is open without restrictions for the player to practice.

How To Play

Propel the jetpack of Bandit the rabbit by touching the screen of your smartphone with your finger. If you leave your finger pressed, the jetpack will make Bandit the rabbit go up. You can lift your finger to make him go down. Avoid enemies and obstacles and catch as many coins as you can.

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Drone Lander

Drone Lander

Drone Lander has a unique balancing technique which makes this game unique and fun to play. You have to find the RPM balance to land your drone safely and successfully.
Post Title: It won't be easy to land.. Accept the challenge!

Find the destination and land your drone safely. Land your drone softly by finding a RPM balance. If drone is landing too fast increase RPM to keep it stable and land it safely. Land in the center of landing point circle to gain precision achievement and get bonus gold. Land as fast as possible to gain fast or super fast achievement and get bonus gold. Use your gained gold to unlock new drones.
Watch out any obstacles in your journey, otherwise drone will crash. Don’t forget to charge your battery before the flight!
challenging and addictive game
over 45 levels
3 difficulty levels
7 completely different drone models
each drone has unique control features: handling, speed, altitude, acceleration
3 unique maps

Please notice recommended resolution is 720x1280 or higher.

Drone Lander is published by SYSREB.

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PLEASE NOTE: this game is free to download and free to play but game items can be purchased for real money.




When political tension get out of control. The debates stops and the sleeves get rolled up.13 politicians from across the world and only one will dominate the entire world. Fight influential political figures from the past and modern day politicians. Journey through 13 iconic stages to conquer your campaign becoming a world leader. Enter the epic political combat sequences through recognizable world stages.Pick your favorite politician and battle your way to world dominance.

Addicting, fun and full of laughs


Steal My Heart Away

Steal My Heart Away My Heart Away ! Steal My Heart Away was created by my lovely love story.She did STEAL MY HEART AWAY 
I have been fascinated since the first time we met. On that time you made my heart beat crazily. How can I forget the 10 s. 
So Steal My Heart Away was born to show her how much I love her.
(Steal Heart) You have 10 s to Tap Heart.
(True Love) You have 10 s to Drop Heart.
(Happy Road) You have 10 s to Finish Road.

thumbnail Dangerous Snake Grower by Adam



How big can you grow your python? Grow the biggest dangerous python and go against other players.

Download Dangerous Snake Grower by Adam game now!


Money Swiper: Get Rich Tycoon



How fast can you swipe to earn money???

Start swiping and watch your money pile up. Make some smart investments and get rich.

Download Money Swiper: Get Rich Tycoon Today!


Death Hill Racing



Race and blast your way out of hell. 
Download now Death Hill Racing game for free from iTunes

thumbnail Tank Battle War



Can you build the strongest tank?
Shoot and destroy everything in your path!!!
In, you begin as a small tank with no experience. As you gain experience, you can make your tank stronger.
Download Tank Battle War and start tanking!
thumbnail Slither Snake Battles


Can you grow the biggest slithering anaconda? Watch out for the bigger anacondas!!! Slither Snake Battles free game available on iTunes


Dragon Ninja Rush



Be the King or Queen of the Dragon Ninja Clan in the magical myth and legend! Train your ninja skill, and be the Ninja Master! Welcome to join fascinating jumps and flights of a ninja! Win a victory over ninja battles and share your triumphs with the worlds. Race with the ninja to its fullest with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique environments. Collect gold coins and gems as you dash, run, rush, slide, jump, dodge and scramble against others in fun-filled, fast-paced missions.

Do you think being a Ninja Champion is easy? Run, slide and jump through challenging levels and race your way to the top of the league. Beware of flying shurikens and booby traps, such as spiky bamboo, walls and holes. Watch out for the lurking angry red bulls, as they will try to stop your quest! Overcome countless booby traps, defeat enemies, and avoid the deadly shurikens; this is the play rule in this fun game. Grab shields, flying rockets, power-ups, giant potions, magic wands, springs, rainbow bridge, flying stars and powerful magnets. You have to be strong, fast and be stealthy. Collect gold and gems to upgrade your ninja power ups, you can also gather mounting animals and pets to strengthen your skills. Be the ultimate shadow ninja!

Dragon Ninja Rush is a new style of fast paced action game, with responsive and intuitive touch control. Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Gain the best timing score in global ranking and challenge the worldwide players. It's a ninja rush action! Enjoy and feel the real thrill of the ancient ninja life. Endless stunning and challenging levels that will make you play for hours. The thrilling action saga will you playing until the very end!

Are you ready to begin your magical action packed adventure games? How to play:
- Tap to jump or slide to avoid obstacles;
- Defeat various powerful opponents and dash your way to victory;
- Collect as many coins and gems as possible;
- Gain power ups and unlock new character heroes.
- Cover as much distance to gain points; and
- Distance is important.

The features await you:
- Build your own ninja character with Ninja Boy, Ninja Girl, Ninja Supreme or Ninja Cyborg;
- Design your own ninja avatar ride with Snowy Mammoth, Strong Bear, White Tiger or Legendary Dragon;
- Gather you own pet with Ninja Dog, Fiery Dragon, Ninja Hamster and Ninja Cat;
- Run through stunning beautiful locations such as Sakura Flowers Garden, Green Bamboo Garden, Night Shining Moon Clouds, and Seaside Night;
- Amazing power up boosts with lightening effects, while competing with other players in the ninja racing;
- Various villains and obstacles;
- Fun addicting achievements and levels;
- Simple but fun tap touch control;
- Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music;
- Stunning HD graphics, colourful visual cartoon and smooth great animation;
- Endless ninja fun and endless run saga;
- Tablet optimized;
- Social network sharing, facebook;
- Stay tuned for updates; and
- Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay
- Amazing action and adventure game perfect for children and adults.

Are you a true Ninja Warrior? Now it's time for YOU to live the dream, climb the leaderboards and entrench you name in the Hall of Fame! Have fun!


Bubble Pop Sniper: Game Review



In today’s world, people like to pass their odd times while playing games on the mobile phones. There has been an upsurge in the number of mobile games in the recent years. The game companies are launching new games every year to keep their business in a profit. The game companies design the games for all the operating systems like android, iOS, etc. Some games are compatible with all the operating systems but, most of them are designed for a specific operating system.

One of the most popular and exciting game is Bubble Pop Sniper which is specially designed for the iOS users. The objective of this game is same as its predecessor and all you need to do is shoot the bubbles by aiming at it. You can set the aim and then tap the phone to shoot the bubbles. The more bubbles you shoot, the more score you will have. Technically, you can shoot more than one bubble at a time and can score even more. Some of the key features of this game are –
  • New level mode with 500+ levels.
  • You can use your finger to make an aim on the target and shoot.
  • The bubble of whatever color you pop will not appear again.
  • It has almost 2000 levels and you can score very high.
You can play this game anywhere, anytime. You can play it while traveling to any place or waiting for a bus at the bus stop. The game has a decent graphics and you will not get bored as it starts getting tough with every level. The game has bubbles of different colors and you need to shoot them all to enter the next level. Your score depends on your aim on the target. If you will have a good shooting aim then, you will be able to make high scores. 

The game has received positive feedbacks from the users from all around the world. Moreover, being an upgrade of its previous version, bubble pop sniper has all the features that will keep you entertained. Once you start playing the game, you will never feel like leaving it. It’s so addictive that you won’t feel how much time it consumed. Therefore, if you are a game lover and like to play games on your phone while traveling or in your free time then, you should definitely check out this game.


Monster Pet Pop - Bubble Shooter

Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter

This game is a kind of bubble shooter game with a lot of new challenges and makes you addict.
Join in the journey of cute dragon and Stella to rescue the world from terrible monsters’ darkness.
It is your duty to use the bubble legend to win the monsters. If the balls are not enough, you need help from your friends or you can repeat it for times to complete this difficult task. Good luck to you and get more and more bubble legend.
Although the Monster Pet Pop is bubble shooter game free, some items need to be bought.
Functions of the Monster Pet Pop game:
  • Interesting challenges in 150 levels.
  • Super beautiful graphics, funny music, especially this game can run on all devices well.
  • Special Boosters, Combos, bubbles will help to be easy to overcome challenges during bubble shoot.
  • Discover 4 interesting modes in the game and rescue the world.

Instructions of ball kinds and playing modes of the Monster Pet Pop game:
  • Aim and tap to bubble shoot
  • Match 3 or more same to bubble pop
  • Join until the end of the journey through 4 difficult tasks but they are very fascinating: collect the star, rescue animal, free the ghost, ...
  • Combine cleverly the bubble pop balls to create a lot of combo & booster which help you overcome challenges easily: rainbow, lava, fairy, fire, super aim.

The Monster Pet Pop game is invested carefully in quality and scenario with the hope that it will bring you moments of joy.
Play with bubble shooter and compete with your friends to see who get the most bubble pop.
Install and Play now!
 Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter

App Video

Download Now!

 Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter 

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