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Best sugar momma dating apps


Best sugar momma dating apps. Sugar momma app is a site dedicated to sugar mama dating apps reviews and ranks. Here We have previously reviewed the major sugar momma apps from both a woman's and man's perspective to help younger men seeking sugar momma, and older women dating younger men. Start dating more efficiently with one of these 10 apps.


Cash Attack - The Pub Fruit Machine Game


Cash Attack is a UK style fruit machine simulator game, otherwise known as a slot machine! Based around an outer-space theme with added aliens and great sound effects and music, this game will keep you entertained for hours!

The game is for entertainment only, you cannot win or lose real money.

Game play is based on a Lo-tech style fruit machine game commonly found in arcades, public houses, bingo halls and casinos. A touch of Las Vegas you can carry in your pocket!

Cash Attack has all of the usual fruit machine features such as nudges and holds, with extra features thrown in for more fun such as:

Hold 3 times - guaranteed virtual win!

Holds after nudges - if you are offered a hold after nudging in two identical symbols, simply spin the reels for a guaranteed virtual win!

Repeat Chance - Double, Triple or even Quadruple your virtual win!

Landing any 3 Alien symbols in view will start the win streak feature, where a win will be randomly awarded with a repeat chance! There are three features to try for, Mixed Streak, Blue Streak and Red Streak!

The game features two play modes.. You can play a quick game, where you start with 50 credits, you can transfer more credits from your winnings to keep playing until you run out of virtual cash.

Another way to play is the "50 Credit Challenge". This mode needs to be unlocked with an in-app purchase. This mode gives you 50 credits and must try and win as much as possible to climb your way up the high score table. At the end of the 50 credits, you are given the opportunity to enter your name into the high score table. How much can you win? Can you beat your friends?

Cash Attack features high resolution graphics, ultra realistic reel technology and great sound effects. The game engine runs exactly like a real fruit machine, and you can even view the internal statistics of the game such as games played, percentage payout, money in and money out!

Remember, Cash Attack is purely for fun, and no real money can be won or lost.. All of the fun without any of the risk.

If you like fruit machines and slot machines, this game for you! How much virtual cash can you win?


We are MyPostcard - We send your photos as real postcards - worldwide

 MyPostcard App Logo

Send real Postcards & Greeting Cards.

Use your own photos to easily create and send customized printed photo postcards and greeting cards. Add a personal note and send instantly anywhere in the world from our website or directly from your phone with our popular app.

Make and send real printed photo postcards and greeting cards with the MyPostcard app - worldwide. From any place to anywhere.

MyPostcard is the simple way to create and send personalized, printed real photo postcards and greeting cards directly from your smartphone or tablet. Easily design your own, individual real paper cards with your smartphone photos and a personal greeting text. We print, stamp and mail all of your cards for you.

No matter where you are in the world right now, or where your postcard and greeting card is to be sent – we’ll send your postcards and greeting cards for you anywhere in the world.

Our card app doesn't just make postcards and greeting cards. You can also create a wide range of greeting cards for any occasion. We offer you the worldwide widest range of selected templates and beautiful designs. No matter whether it’s for vacation, a birthday, or for thank you cards; for a weddingcard, Valentine’s Day postcard and greeting card or Christmas cards: We really have the right template and design for your ideas to send.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to use MyPostcard to order your favorite photos as high-quality real photo prints.

With a total of more than 1 million downloads worldwide and over 4,000 5-star ratings, we’re one of the most successful postcard and greeting card apps worldwide.

= How it works =

Send real printed paper Postcards
(starting at $2,29, incl. FREE worldwide shipping)

- Select your postcard style
- Upload photo(s) from camera, photo album, or Instagram
- Select & individualize the frame
- Enter your greeting text & recipient
- Pay & send worldwide

Send design templates with or without your personal photos
(starting at $2,99, incl. FREE worldwide shipping)

- Choose your favorite template design and
depending on the design, select your photo(s)
- Enter individual greeting text & recipient
- Pay & send worldwide

Send real Greeting Cards
(starting at $3,99, incl. FREE worldwide shipping / delivered in an envelope)

- Select your greeting card style
- Upload photo(s) from camera, photo album, or Instagram
- Select & individualize the frame
- Enter greeting card text inside & recipient
- Pay & send worldwide

Photo Prints
(starting at $10,99 plus shipping worldwide)

- Select photo print format
- Upload your personal photos
- Pay & send worldwide

Worldwide delivery:

USA: 3-5 business days

Canada: 3-5 business days

Europe: 3-5 business days
Germany: 2-3 business days

Australia: 6-10 business days
Asia: 6-10 business days

Other countries: 6-12 business days

Please understand that in certain circumstances, shipping can take a bit longer. Since this a matter of real postcards, they could often be treated differently by the international postal service around the world.

Payment options:

Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and Amex)


Do you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:

Our Postcard and greeting card app is the easiest way to share memories, and make someone's day...

Really nice Postcards and Greeting Cards mailed for you with love


Sling videos and photos from you phone to Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku


StreamBeamSimple app to cast/sling photos or videos from your phone to following devices:

Amazon Fire TV / Stick
Apple TV

It simply just works!

Radio radios 100FM Available on iTunes and Play Store


You have 30 channels of music – all on 128k quality music with no ads – just 24/7 music
Sync with ur car Bluetooth so u can change the channels while driving using the car wheel.
Eventho the app language is in Hebrew u can control the channels wheel easy and they are all named in English. Support in apple watch , 3D touch , widgets on the iphone.

Say hello to the new non-stop music app from Radios 100FM.
Over 25 channels dedicated to the music styles you love.
Workout, Love, 80’s, Retro, Latin, Chillout and many more
24 hours of non-stop music with no breaks and no commercials
And also –
· Going for a run? Radios 100FM App delivers a unique sports mode that tracks previous runs, checks how much calories you’ve burnt and much more
· Want to watch your favorite Radios 100FM DJ’s live? Check out our “Live” channel
· Browse our archives to enjoy recordings of guest performing live at our studio
· Heard a song you just have to have? Buy your favorite songs straight from the app!
· Apple watch Support
Radios 100FM – Because we believe you either make music you love or you don’t make music at all .
*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

One Popular Dating App For Herpes Having Friends - MPWH

 Herpes Dating App
MPWH - "Meet People with Herpes" (HSV-1 & HSV-2) - The Best Herpes Dating & STD Support App for Positive Singles who are living with Genital Herpes & Oral Herpes.
Dating with Herpes can be very problematic, but our HSV Dating Community makes it easier. MPWH is the original and leading North American-based international Herpes / HSV dating community in the world for Herpes Singles to find Love and Support. Here you can meet Positive Singles (Positive Singles), H gifted singles (Hift singles) and chat with other STD singles for friendship, dating, romance, relationships and more!
Herpes Only To create a special community, our app is designed only for people with genital / oral Herpes. Because of this, we will remove your account from our app if we find that you are not living with Herpes.
Privacy Protection We care about your privacy, which is very important to us. Because of this, you are not required to submit any information that you are not comfortable to disclose. We strongly suggest that you keep all of your personal information private and anonymous until you choose to take things further. See our Privacy Policy and Service Agreement for more specifics regarding our privacy terms.
With the MPWH app you can:
  • Meet other singles in your local area.
  • Chat with other like-minded people online.
  • Discuss about how to live and date with Herpes.


Download Now! 
Dating App


Best Cougar Dating App Reviews 2016

 Best Cougar Dating App Reviews 2016

Here we reviewed and ranked the bestcougar dating app that we find across the App Store and Google Play, to help all cougar seekers dating cougars and toyboys online, whether it is for iPhone, iPad, or Android. What’s more, we offer dating tips, we would like to rank the top cougar dating app in our list, and update it regularly.

Keywords: top cougar dating app, cougar apps, best cougar dating apps online

JoyBox - An Intelligent Android App for Inner Well-being!!

 JoyBox - An Intelligent AndroidApp for Inner Well-being !

“Quality of our life is based on the quality of decisions we make every moment!”
Having known this, still are we making the right decisions every time? Not really, right? Yes, we very well know that the main challenge is to maintain our inner Emotional Balance, while taking decisions.

So, we at HOORECON, a budding IT start-up with a mission to serve millions of people around the globe on a daily basis as a trust-able best friend, researched for years to uplift the individual well-being, through various training programs and software tools.

Consequently, we designed a unique workshop as an Unusual FUSION of Practical, Psychological and Spiritual techniques for Emotional wellness. Only after testing this integrated approach for almost 2 years with many public workshops, now we're confident to even think of an AUTOMATED system for ‘Effective Stress Relieving’ in 24x7 mode, without the dependency on any human-trainer, in the form of a Mobile App.

Here comes our simple and powerful Mobile Application – JoyBox, a joyous friend to conquer our inner fears everyday!

With our ambitious goal to touch so many lives soon and create awareness, we are here at the Alpha Stage itself. In few weeks, we will upgrade to Beta release. Though it can be improved a lot as a MobileApp to serve you better esp. with audio & video facilitation, still the methods and insights given in the form of bit boring :) textual facilitation in the current App are still powerful enough to transform you. However, on any inconvenience, please bear with us and do share your feedback at:

FAQs: Please visit

On using this App daily for next 3 months, whenever you face any challenge in the day, your Emotional Quotient (EQ) will be enhanced by 10 times.

What is the need of Emotional Quotient (EQ)?
• "Look For Employees With High EQ Over IQ"- Forbes Magazine
• "Students Need to Develop EQ for Success in Life" – Yahoo Voice
• "Want a Better Marriage?...Add Some Emotional Intelligence" – Huffington Post Magazine

Other Personal Benefits:
• Taking constructive Actions without getting stuck into your emotions
• Converting your Breakdowns into Breakthroughs
• Increasing your Success rate across all areas of your life, with your enhanced EQ

Who Can Benefit?
This Mobile App for overall well being is essential for everyone.

However, it’s highly recommended for:
• Professionals, Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs
• College Grads with innumerable aspirations
• Couples/Divorcees/Singles in loneliness, anger or sadness
• Home makers who are the root of well being for the entire family
• School Students with eagerness to spread their wings into real world
• The young and energetic Fresh Graduates who're seeking brand new Careers

Special Benefits for Organizations:

Testimonials:(*- for our Workshop, from which 80% are automated as these Apps):

"What I've learnt over the last 5 years from various self-development programs, I've got them here experimentally in just 2 hours. Awesome!" - Mr. C.R.Rajan, Founder & Chairman, Nature Movement and Former President, Tamil Nadu Engineers Federation.

"Suddenly I slipped into a trans and felt inexpressible peace. For some time, even the questions from fellow participants and your answers outside were like a disturbance to that deep inner peace." - Mr. Raghuram, A Social Activist and Yoga Teacher.

"I don't know how to thank you. You brought me out of my depression due to love failure that spoiled many areas of my life" - Mr. Vinod, Software Professional.

"It's a Content-rich program. What has to be delivered in 21 days, is given as a wonderful package in just 1 day. Very good compilation!" - Mr. Ramesh, A Vedantha Trainer and Financial Analyst.

Thanks for joining our vision to “Bring down the Global Suicide Count to ZERO by 2025”.


PDF Downloader and Reader


Pdf Downloader and Reader is really cool app you can download directly file from web using in build browser and read off-line. Its also provide various features which really cool as ready because you can mark favourite, Bookmark, share Etc.

Some of the features are listed below check this out.

• Easy to use and download• Search from Internet and easy to download• In-build browser for download• No limit for downloads• Download multiply files• Inbuilt reader• Easy to Read and mark favourite your book• Bookmark features while reading any books• Resume/Pause Features display speed and size• Read offline and store locally within App• Clean and elegant graphics


Don't Leave It! This iOS app remembers your stuff

Download leaving your personal items behind!
Don’t Leave It! is a new iOS that reminds you not to leave your location without bringing your personal belongings with you.

It's like creating an invisible perimeter or boundary around your stuff - when you cross that perimeter, the app reminds you to take whatever item you've chosen.

Setting up a reminder is simple & easy: Just pick an item you don’t want to leave without (e.g. backpack, purse, jacket), set how far you can walk away before getting an alert (e.g. 60 or 120 steps), and Don’t Leave It! will remind you to bring your item if you walk away.

We've packed the app with lots of powerful features to make the app useful for so many scenarios. Don’t Leave It! reminds you when you walk away from your:
- UMBRELLA at the café!
- JACKET at the restaurant!
- PURSE at the library!
- ID or CREDIT CARD at the bar!
- TABLET in your airplane seatback!

Stop worrying about forgetting your personal items and leaving them behind – use Don’t Leave It!


Download Now!

Archeopad puzzle game

Nine artifacts hold the key to the mysteries of our ancient civilizations. Alas, they’ve each been cut up into 9 fragments and buried in special temples around the world. When you and your fellow archeologist-adventurer find out about it, you decide that you must find these hidden treasures no matter what. With the help of your special device—Archeopad—you’ll be able to get to the bottom of the truth.

Archeopad can help you locate the position of the buried artifacts and even destroy stone blocks to open up closed passages, but you have to be able to use your own ingenuity and wit to extract them safe and sound. Are you up for the challenge? Onward to the secrets of the ancients!


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The Best Superhero


The Best Superhero game is a great action game! can use any vehicle, any weapon you found. Walk around the city and clean the city from these bad guys.
Be a superhero! Complete the missions and save the city!

This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.

Important Message for Parents

This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.

Download The Best Superhero Now and Enjoy The Game! 62f5210f5c


Fantastic new generation match 3 game

Balloon Mesh: Match 3 game

Do you have it all to master the match 3 kingdom of Balloon Mesh? We have prepared the most addictive gameplay of the free match 3 games just for you. Match 3 puzzles have never been more fun and interesting than with our Balloon Mesh. Within our free online match 3 games levels you will find an unbeatable level of excitement you will never find on other game!

Relaxing addictive fun game.
Great game with fancy graphics and many surprises.
You will like this unique experience.


Everything is new on "Balloon Mesh" but also familiar. Save targets or collect balloons and sometimes race against time! Everything is based on balloons in this free matching game! Master the match puzzle and try to get as many points as possible.


There are tons of levels and surprise for you along our fancy map. Match bubbles and balloons fast and conveniently with the matches puzzle interface. Match 3 puzzle gaming is accompanied with stunning animations, beautiful icons, characters and typography. Every second is pure enjoyment.


Every level is story of itself. However, we created the levels in a way to be extremely challenging and interesting for the players. You will love the different targets each level demands. You will be asked to get to certain points, collect particular balloons or race against time. Either way you will have fun.


While playing with the balloons many different surprises are waiting for you. You will discover a world that you already know but everything is different there. You are on a long way, never give up and nothing is impossible!


Of course you're not alone, your friends may already be in this way, follow them on your map and ask for help when you need. This is a match 3 social game as well, get in touch with your friends.

Balloon Mesh: Match 3 game FEATURES:

- match 3 gaming
- the best free of the match three games
- unique music and soundtrack
- lovely graphics and colors
- enjoyable and relaxing typography
- demanding and challenging levels that will keep you hooked
- interactive map with your friends on it
- social match 3 features with Facebook login
Thrilling and insanely addictive this can be your new way of having fun on your mobile devices.
You will love every second of it no matter your age.
Get it free now!


Addictive Time Killing Game with endless Gameplay

Masked Ninja

 Masked Ninja

Masked Ninja tap and run your way through the obstacles, collect the coins, cute and interactive game!


- Simple 'One-touch' controls
- Beautiful HD Graphics
- Optimised for all IOS devices
- Great music


Amazing Free Roam Zombie Game with a bundle of Missions

Kill the Walking Dead : Dawn of the Zombies

 Kill the Walking Dead : Dawn of the ZombiesAn adventure waits for our Zombie Killer. The city is swarming with undead bad guys, and it’s a new quiet before the storm…Hammer Time Baby! Kill the Walking Dead : Dawn of the Zombies

Get immersed in a thrilling action packed first person shootout game in true apocalypse fashion. Time to go on another killing spree to eliminate the undead enemies and clear the city streets. Shoot, Reload and Bang out the obstacles with an awesome range of kick-ass weapons and controllable vehicles like cars, tanks, helicopters and turrets. a

Carry heavy explosives, best-in-class guns and weapons to play through action-packed missions on an endless quest to defeat the arch-nemesis and secure the city. Show off your shooting skills to kill the gunmen and complete the mission.

Can you kill ‘em all?

Our Action-Packed Features

-- 30+ shoot em up missions.
-- Multiple weapon choices and explosives.
-- A shop with awesome ingame features and IAP like GodMode, Golden Gun and a Jetpack!
-- Leader-board and achievements to compete with your friends to the top.

Your next mission… should you choose to accept!


Jumpy Jumper Android Game available at Play Store for FREE!


 Jumpy JumperAs colors flash by your eyes, the characters remain constant, unchanging, black and white, standing out from the world in which you are playing. This game is Jumpy Jumper, and it's going to change the way you view the simple act of jumping. You jump upwards, over and over, either straight upwards or off a wall in order to get a boost.
Are you ready for a challenge?

Collect puzzle pieces along the way, and once you have collected enough pieces, you unlock a random character. There are prizes to collect, and while the colors may flash by, the game itself will not, lasting you many hours and keeping you busy on your phone for some time to come. Let your mind drift away. Forget about the world in which anything is required other than upwards jumping. That's another world.

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